Monday, March 28, 2011

Goodbye, March!

Did I post at all this month?  Time has a way of sliding by these days, between horses and barn-building and wedding plans.  We have had a warm few weeks, which means getting out to rake up the leaves we couldn't get to before Christmas, and cleaning the pastures left untended during cold weather.

Then-bam!-March shows its teeth during the last weekend with harsh winds and cold air.  I'd gotten used to doing without gloves on my morning feeding rounds, but today I should have thought twice about that choice.

The barn is progressing nicely and I would post pictures except the battery for my camera died and I can't find the charger.  I took my battery to the shop to purchase a new charger, only to be told I had to have the camera to identify the correct model.  Frankly, that makes no sense.  I resent the proliferation of charger and battery types that make money for the manufacturers but only complicate the situation for users.  Why can't all cameras use the same battery model?  Why don't all cell phones use the same charger?  I'm all for capitalism, but this is just greedy, in my opinion.

I've been nearly as slack working the horses as I have been posting here.  I spend most of my time talking to cabinet makers, searching out appliances on line and off, trying to find boards and paneling for reasonable prices, choosing windows and sinks and ice makers and floors...  If I build again, I only want to be involved to the extent of choosing colors.  I don't have this much space left in my brain!



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