Monday, May 10, 2010

Merry May

I did get my book turned in, and now they're sending it back for me to go over the editing.  By the time you've written, revised, edited and proofread a book, you never, ever want to read that story again!

During the last 26 days I've been having great fun with my horses  The process of getting a pair into harness is strenuous and exhausting, but the draft girls have gotten better behaved with each trip we make.  Last weekend, we drove them around The Great Lake, as I call it, a manmade pond at least 5 acres in size.  Having so much water so close made Lucy a little nervous, but she handled it well.  The girls also deal with dogs barking and running at the fence, other horses galloping in the nearby field, and they cope with automobile traffic just fine.

I only wish I could say the same for the drivers of those vehicles.  You would think that a sensible person, seeing ahead of them a pair of BIG white horses pulling a carriage, would slow waaaay down and, if passing on this two-lane country road on a Sunday afternoon, would do so slooooowly.

Well, maybe the folks who drive this road aren't sensible.  Because they whiz past us like we weren't even there.  Yesterday, one man grinned and made as much noise as close to us as he could.  He's lucky Joy didn't kick out his windows.  A month ago, another idiot with the same instincts killed my neighbor's sweet dog right in front of her.  He didn't even stop--maybe he didn't notice that slight bump which was Ginger's neck breaking.  Damn him.

Anyway, driving my two Cream Draft Horses is every bit the pleasure I expected.  For Mother's Day, I got to have lunch with one of my daughters at a favorite restaurant, shopped for clothes and books, and then came home to brush and drive my two creamy girls.  The day simply couldn't have been much more perfect!

Watch out for the animals around you,