Monday, March 22, 2010

A Breath of Spring?

The equinox has occurred and with it comes the need to fertilize pasture grass.  The healthier the grass, the less hay I have to buy this summer.  So today, the chicken poop man will visit us.

Chicken manure, scraped out of the many chicken houses in this part of North Carolina, makes a fabulous fertilizer for the Bermuda grass that grows in our sandy soil.  My neighbor and I are trying it out this year for the first time--it's less expensive than chemicals and less, well, chemical.  We'll be putting down lime, too.  And then hoping for rain.  Soon.

The one significant drawback to chicken poop is the smell.  CP has its own unmistakeable, indescribable odor.  Not a dirty, nasty aroma, exactly, but distinctly unpleasant.  I will not want to be outside at my house for the next couple of days.


My neighbor just called to say that the chicken poop trailer is stuck in a hole just on the inside of her gate, half in and half out of her field.  There will be a delay while a tractor is fetched to pull the trailer out of the hole.

Many are the perils of farm life.

Stay safe,


Monday, March 1, 2010

Good for a Smile

For those who want to start the week with a smile, I recommend clicking over to The Pioneer Woman and visiting her photography page.  She's gathered dog photos from her readers for a contest...wonderful, beautiful, sweet, exciting dog photos.  Every single picture makes me smile--sometimes through tears, or laughter, but always with love.